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Asia BEST CAR ARMORING & Vehicle Bulletproof system.

We provide car armoring service in 15 Asia countries

Serving the industry of Bulletproof Armor car conversion and Bulletproof car RENTAL.

No:1 in Malaysia

The Best in Asia Car Armoring

STEC ARMOUR is specialize in designing, manufacturing and installation for Bulletproof Glass and Bulletproof Shield for door in Asia. Covering 15 countries and still growing. STEC ARMOUR brand is globally recognized for its Thinnest, Lightest and One way return fire bulletproof glass.  

Malaysia Vehicle Armoring

Local went GLOBAL

The Mentor. The Inventor. The Maker

Over the years, STEC ARMOUR GLASS (M) SDN BHD MALAYSIA has continuously evolved to best serve our clients’ needs. However, throughout it all, one thing has always remained the same - to hire only the brightest and most talented people to bring the heart and passion to our company. Take a few minutes to learn more about our team below.


Group CEO


Mr James Tomas has approximately 18 years in factory and manufacturing plant experience. From local to international set up.


He grew from being a supervisor in his first job up to Senior Marketing and Factory Manager within his 18 years of service.


He has experience in producing products using raw material such as Rubber, Plastic and Glass.


With his vast experience in manufacturing, he has trained his mind to be innovative and creative to invent products and to manufacture it.


He started Safety and Security film since year 2005 and eventually grow the business to bulletproof level in year 2008. He also has visited many bulletproof glass manufacturing factories located in USA, South Korea, China, Thailand, etc. and dealing with world major player for years and understand the industry very well.

He has invented the Super Thin bulletproof glass for vehicle and has installed more than 300 cars in Malaysia and being a consultant to his customers worldwide covering Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia.


Technical Chief


Mr. Edmund has approximately 20 years of experience in car accessories industry.


He has been working for people for 10 years in car accessories industry covering from car Audio, Electrical connection, Glass installation etc.


With his vast experience, he has eventually set up his own car accessories workshop since 1998 covering full range of accessories include installation of thick security film of 16mil where no accessories shop in Malaysia is able to handle thick film.


He has work together with Mr. James Tomas since then and explore the making and installation of bulletproof glass.


Hand in hand they grow the business and become the pioneer in providing bulletproof glass solution.


Mr. Edmund became the expertise in dismantling exclusive car accessories and reinstall them with clean and professional workmanship which been praised by many.


  1. We produce the world Thinnest Bulletproof Glass - only 10mm

  2. We produce the world LIGHTEST Bulletproof Glass - less than 80kg for whole vehicle

  3. We make the windows function as usual - UP and Down

  4. We do not modify your vehicle. No screw, no bracket, no cut and weld

  5. We do very CLEAN installation. 

  6. Our BULLETPROOF glass is One Way return fire. Bullet can penetrate from inside.

  7. We produce the world Lightest Bulletproof DOOR panel

  8. Our material can customize to any vehicle shape

  9. most of all....We are The Designer, The Manufacturer and The Installer. We know everything of what we do.  


We know that our role is to protect the VVIP safety, we need to ensure that they reach home safely everyday. Thus, we are serious in what we do and we emphasize on reliability and endurance in our products. 


All STEC's products must be tested by Malaysia Military Laboratory by the name of STRIDE. STEC has obtained multiple test certificate approved by Malaysia Military Laboratory on its product liability and Good Product category. 



Ballistic Test Video


Investment Opportunity Awaiting You



STEC Armour Glass share is now open for purchase at its seed round. Investor would experience an Exponential Growth when STEC Armour achieve its IPO status.

STEC Armour Glass (M) Sdn Bhd ASPIRATION is to bring the company to IPO status

  1. Our MISSION to support our journey to IPO are as below: Enlarge our bulletproof business to capture at least 15 Asia Pacific Countries. 

  2. STEC will diversify its business to capture other automotive related businesses by using Merger and Acquisition (M&A) approach. Acquiring more profitable businesses in STEC's Group of companies and expand it to all Asia Pacific Countries.   CONTACT US for investment opportunity. 

Why invest in STEC Armour has very good ROI?


Reason no:1

STEC Armour is in security business. Security business is an incline business through out the years and years to come. Security business is a reccession and economical proof industry. 

Reason no:2

Successful business comes along with 7 most important factors.

  1. Clear Aspiration

  2. Strong Company Structure

  3. Bankable Business Model

  4. Approachable Strategy

  5. A Strong Team - we hire people that smarter than us

  6. Unique Selling points

  7. Well plan Financial Road Map (FRM)

We realize we have a leading technology in bulletproof glass armoring which are Thin, Light and One Way Glass where most customers would prefer to use on their exclusive or expensive cars.

Our installation promise no use of screw, bracket, cut and weld which may damage the car. 

VVIPs in Asia countries has requested us to establish our service in their respective countries. Thus, STEC  Armour journey is to establish its car armoring installation service in 21 high crimes countries by 2022

It is our spirit and commitment to make our shareholders, our employees and those who invested in us to grow RICH.

We realize that our friends, family members and public has entrusted their saving onto us. It is an HONOR that people trusted us. 

STEC Armour is fully committed to grow the company to IPO status to enrich our shareholders with EXPONENTIAL growth of their investment.

We realize that standing alone to face the world of competition is very hard. We need a strong structure or pillar to support our Aspiration and Dream.

Thus, STEC Armour will diversifies its businesses into wider scope related to car supply chain. Design to create few companies related to car supply chain with specific TEAM with Expertise in its field. Link all companies together to form a UNICORN groups of Holding companies. Supporting each other to generate more Revenue, KPI and pushing up company Valuation before IPO.

Partnering Us
Join us and experience Exponential Growth in your business and wealth.

Our master plan is to Appoint Agent ship for reliable companies in Asia Pacific countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China which will later Franchise out to Automotive related industries preferably in vehicle repair, workshop, solar tinting film, car accessories, etc. 

The reason behind is companies with automotive industries are easier to be trained and understand the industry well. STEC ARMOUR will provides CAR ARMORING training to their existing work force on factors as stated below:


  • Overall knowledge of CAR ARMORING with Bulletproof Glass and Bulletproof Door Panel

  • Installation techniques on every vehicle body, door, roof, floor and windscreen

  • Understanding Armor car market

  • Marketing approach and concept

  • Branding

  • Aspiration, Business Model and Master Plan towards IPO

Contact us if you think your company is qualified to be our partner.


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